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Recent Papers
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Changes in ecological and health risk assessment indices of potentially toxic elements associated with ambient air particulate matters (PM2.5) in response to source, land use and temporal variation in Isfahan city, Iran March 2023
Journal Papers
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Chemolithotrophic Biological Nitrogen Fixation Fueled by Antimonite Oxidation May Be Widespread in Sb-Contaminated Habitats. January 2023
Reduction of CO2 emission through a photocatalytic process using powder and coated zeolite-supported TiO2 under concentrated sunlight irradiation January 2023
Seasonal trend and source identification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with fine particulate matters (PM2.5) in Isfahan city using diagnostic ration and PMF model, January 2022
Monitoring, source identification and environmental risk of potentially toxic elements of dust in Isfahan Province, central Iran. January 2022
The potential application of sea cucumber (Holothuria leucospilota) as a bioindicator of heavy metals contamination: a case study from Chabahar Bay, Oman Sea January 2022
Characterization of diazotrophic root endophytes in Chinese silvergrass (Miscanthus sinensis). Winter 2022
Keystone taxa and functional analysis in arsenic and antimony co-contaminated rice terraces, Spring 2022
Vanadate reducing bacteria and archaea may use different mechanisms to reduce vanadate in vanadium contaminated riverine ecosystems as revealed by the combination of DNA-SIP and metagenomic-binning. January 2022
Evaluating the bio-removal of crude oil by vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides L.) in interaction with bacterial consortium exposed to contaminated artificial soils Summer 2022
Spatial and temporal variation of bacterial population in ambient air particulate matters (PM2.5, PM10 and TSP) of Isfahan City, Iran January 2022
Adsorption and photocatalytic removal of SO2 using natural and synthetic zeolites-supported TiO2 in a solar parabolic trough collector September 2021
Pretreatment of lignocellulosic waste as a precursor for synthesis of high porous activated carbon and its application for Pb (II) and Cr (VI) adsorption from aqueous solutions October 2021
Removal of Cr (VI) from aqueous solutions using clinoptilolite modified by TiO2 and polyoxypropylene surfactant. June 2021
Toxicity assessment of total petroleum hydrocarbons in aquatic environments using the bioluminescent bacterium Aliivibrio fischeri Spring 2021
Photocatalytic degradation of acetaminophen and codeine medicines using a novel zeolite-supported TiO2 and ZnO under UV and sunlight irradiation. Fall 2020
A novel post-modification of powdered activated carbon prepared from lignocellulosic waste through thermal tension treatment to enhance the porosity and heavy metals adsorption Summer 2020
Bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Hg, Cd and Ni) by sentinel crab (Macrophthalmus depressus) from sediments of Mousa Bay, Persian Gulf Spring 2020
Conjunction of Vetiveria zizanioides L. and oil-degrading bacteria as a promising technique for remediation of crude oil-contaminated soils Fall 2020
Biochemical response and interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria during establishment and stimulating growth of Arizona cypress (Cupressus arizonica G.) under drought stress Spring 2020


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